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Fashionable Pumping?

I wanted a catchy title to this blog post.  Did it work?  Are you intrigued as to what in the world I’m talking about?  When I started this blog a year or so ago, I always knew I wanted to incorporate the element of living with Type 1 diabetes and how, having to live with this disease, is a daily, if not hourly job.  I’ve also always wanted to somehow incorporate fashion into the blog discussions.  Over a year later, I am now, for what I think is one of the first times, writing about living diabetes and also talking a bit about fashion.  Talk about a two-fer!

I have had diabetes for thirty years.  Yipes.  Thirty years.  That’s a long time.  Living with diabetes is exactly the phrase every diabetic understands and a phrase everyone who knows anyone with Type 1 diabetes should try to understand as best they can.  One must live WITH this disease, as if it were another person.  This disease is so difficult to manage at times it seems the two of you (diabetes and the person with it) can’t get along, even with counseling, clergy support or drugs and certainly not alcohol.  Drugs are required with Type 1 diabetes as our pancreas is not capable of producing insulin, a vital a peptide hormone, produced by beta cells in the pancreas, central to regulating carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body. It causes cells in the liverskeletal muscles, and fat tissue to absorb glucose from the blood.  (< all this via Wikipedia) Without insulin, our diabetic, non-pancreas working bodies become toxic.

Ten years ago I decided it was time to begin administering my insulin via insulin pump and I’m so glad I went ahead with that decision.  It took some time to get used to, having constantly being connected to a small pager like device.  At times I really hated it, like REALLY hated it for being so inconvenient because it was ALWAYS there.  Always.  When sleeping, when awake, and when doing all things awake.  Fortunately one can unplug herself from her pump for about an hour, but not often or, what’s the point of having it connected?!

I have finally gotten more used to dealing with how to handle my life and being attached to an insulin pump.  That wasn’t always the case.  I remember in Vegas once many years ago, two of my girlfriends and I went down to the pool and at that time I had an insulin pump that was waterproof.  I wore a cute blue bikini with cherries on it and red, short board-shorts to clip my pump onto something without completely pulling down my bikini bottoms.  Some frat-type boy saw me, in my get up and pointed as he walked by me laughing, drink in hand, “don’t get your pager wet!”  I snidely retorted, “thanks man.  It’s an insulin pump.”  He smiled back my way.  I guess maybe he didn’t want to express feeling bad for being an ass, or looking like an ass in front of a pool full of people.  Smiling still makes you look like an ass, you ass.

Anywho, it is often the case that my insulin pump somehow interferes with my outfit of choice on any given day.  I have decided to let others see how good I have become at concealing my secret weapon.  Ha.

Below is the outfit of the day, without a pump to be found.  I’m wearing Rock & Republic Victoria Beckham jeans from AGES ago, jeans that used to be nice and snug and have transformed into the very hip “boyfriend” jeans.  Boyfriend jeans are my favorite because they’re oh so loose, and also because I can sit easily and without having to rearrange my pump or without it jabbing into my hip bone.  The only place I ever wear my pump anymore is in pockets of my pants or, if I’m wearing a skirt or dress, I wear my pump in a slip with a custom sewn pocket.  I’ve also outfitted all of my sleepwear with little pockets for my pump.  How very glamourous, I know.

MySurreaLife Fashionable pumping

I’m also wearing a super fun t-shirt that you can’t see from this pic, but I just got it from JCrew and it says “Amour Amour Amour” allll over it in black and grey.  Click the link to see it on the JCrew site. The blazer is from Bebe and the Melissa & Campana shoes are from my neighbor’s awesome Studio City boutique Mimi & Hy.  While getting our little lady dressed, she saw the scarf in her closet and decided I needed to wear it. At first I was going to come up with an excuse as to why I wasn’t going to wear it, but after she put it on me I walked into my closet and saw the pink mini Bebe blazer and voila, outfit ensemble du jour.  It can be done!  Fashion, comfort AND an insulin pump.

I have no idea if this delightful of an outfit will come again anytime soon.

Wish me luck.

Halle Berry Walks Out Of A Nail Salon

Wow!  I just saw photos of Halle Berry leaving the same nail salon I go to get my nails beautified.  I would LOVE it if I ran into her there!  I spoke with her briefly at the Golden Globes.  I told her she was an inspiration to me for being diabetic, having had a healthy child and still being healthy after she delivered.  She was so nice to me and told me it was possible and encouraged me to keep trying.  She was probably barely pregnant with #2 then, little did we all know.

A Bathrobe, A Mood & A Brain Cloud

Yesterday was a long, wonderful, very LA sort of day. I took the toddler to the Farmers Market where she rode some rides & got her face painted.  Waiting in line for some tacos and tamales, we nearly got ran over by a swarm of paparazzi frantically running, cameras in hand, hoping to get a good shot of Gavin Rossdale.

We then had a nice nap and woke up to go meet my friend who came into town from New York. We rarely get to see each other & it was a much needed catch up session with him. He greeted this little lady of ours with a cheerleading set of pom poms and a bull horn, of which she loved. We ate lettuce wrapped burgers and chewed the fat for as long as we could. We continued our fat chewing fest on a walk down Sunset Blvd. We remarked at the oddly dressed couple crossing the street opposite us and we stopped to watch the four leggeds at a lovely little dog park I never realized was there in my nearly 10 years in LA. I remarked at how lovely the weather was and my friend remarked back how LA was like a scene out of a movie, how it feels like nothing was real. I laughed in agreement and mentioned how Tom Hanks’ character says that in “Joe vs the Volcano.”

Today has been a stark contrast to yesterday. It’s been one of those blah days. I have felt all day like I can’t wake up regardless what I do. I laid down hoping to get in a nap this afternoon but I couldn’t fall asleep. I feel like I have a brain cloud.

Oddly enough, when I checked my Facebook & Twitter feeds, seemed a lot of people are also having a kind of rough day.  Is Mercury in retrograde?  Is there a full moom tonight? Is it possible to think that’s how cloudy my brain is? So much so that I don’t even go online to research these questions?  Instead I simply ask them, and that is not like me.

I have to wonder if I somehow managed to injest some gluten. Exhaustion is one my main symptoms of having injested gluten. Being gluten intolerant is exhausting in itself. The constant ingredient reading, harassing of wait staff & restaurant chefs. And even with all of that preparation, somehow gluten manages to find its way into my being, messing with my every moment for two days after. So not-okay. Can I get disability for this? Maybe? Please?

Ta ta for now from La La Land, where nothing seems real, except, thankfully, the people under my roof.