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Grammy Sunday in LA this year had nothing to do with the Grammy’s for me

Growing up in Arizona, I had always wanted to live in LA.  It was so close we visited family and friends who lived in LA often; I always loved the energy of  LA.  When I was finally old enough and on my own enough to make the move, I did and have never looked back.

This past Grammy Sunday, I was able to sleep-in, thanks to my husband who gets up with our little girl on the weekends so I can get a bit more sleep than usual.  What a guy.  I woke up, feeling rested and refreshed, and then anxious.  I had forgotten, and in the fog of having just woken up, remembered I needed to take fresh flowers up to my boss’ house and be out to my cousin’s house in Whitter by 2pm.  My cousin and his wife kindly give us many of their daughter’s outgrown clothes and toys to us regularly.  Talk about a blessing!  Whittier is at least one hour from where we live and there was no way I would be on time.  I   called my cousin to make sure my late arrival was okay, and fortunately it was.

I stopped at the store with our little girl in tow, then up to my boss’ house, then to Whitter.  The drive to Whitter from Beverly Hills (what a thrill) was absolutely gorgeous to me that day.  My navigation took me on surface streets from West LA down the Wilshire corridor, past the La Brea Tar Pits and past the Wiltern Theater.  I reminisced about years ago when two of my friends and I got invited last minute to see a Lady Gaga show at the Wiltern.  This was when her first album The Fame had just started to really blow up.  I think “Poker Face” was the radio single at the time.  I forget who opened for her, but as we stood in the raised VIP area, I was thrilled at my spot to watch the show.  I was a foot or so above the other people in the standing room only venue.  I was right at the wall that separated the two areas so I could lean on something, which was nice because I was wearing boots with heels.  Gaga came on and I remember thinking that the performance of the first song was nothing short of spectacular, but I can’t remember what the first performance was.  I’m pretty sure I can’t remember because shortly after my daze in happiness begain with that first performance, Kanye West’s big head was escorted to stand directly in front of me.  I was literally pushed aside to make way for Kanye.  I didn’t want to cause a scene as I had been escorted into the VIP section by someone who got tickets for us for free, and I have no idea how he got the tickets, but I didn’t want to be kicked out.  So I stood to the side and slightly behind Kanye, staring at his giant noggin mere inches from mine.  We got to meet her, take a photo with her after the show, and I even got a personalized autograph from her for my little brother.  All’s well that ends well I guess.  All that reminiscing about the Wiltern at a red light.  So, that happened. Wiltern Grammys 2015

My navigation continued to direct us towards downtown LA, when it finally guided us onto the freeway.  As I drove the two blocks through downtown LA, I just then realized that the Grammy’s were going on just a few blocks away.  A few friends were there working, and for the first time in forever (homage to Frozen), I wasn’t sad about not being there.  Just two or three years ago, that would have been all I cared about doing or getting myself to somehow.  Five or six years ago was the last time I went to an award show and wasn’t working, that show was coincidentally the Grammy’s.

As I drove through downtown Grammy Sunday 2015, I didn’t even want to be a spectator backstage, like I was the last time I was there.  Who was I becoming?!  In that moment I realized that I was becoming a person with different priorities, and I was totally fine with that.  I looked in my rearview mirror and saw the beautiful, sweet little girl in our lives, looking out the window at this city.  I had never been more thankful to be driving away from “Hollywood,” and towards our extended family’s house, especially on a day with hardly any traffic.

Don’t Ever Work for Christina Milian

That time I worked for Christina Milian to secure items for gift bags to be given to guests of her daughter Violet’s first birthday party, and didn’t get paid, or thanked.

MySurreaLife Christina Milian daughter Violet 1st bday

MySurreaLife Violet 1st bday Christina Milian

MySurreaLife Violet Christina Milian

A Video, of Jesus

A video, of Jesus walking on Sunset Blvd.  Yes, THAT Jesus.

Click the photo for a link to the video

Jesus on Sunset Blvd. MySurreaLife

Moving is so Moving!!!

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 10.51.47 AM

For the past seven years i have lived in a condo on the top floor of a beautiful condo building in an idyllic neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles.

I had lived in LA for 3 years, in two rented apartments before deciding it was time to purchase  a place of my own.  The first apartment I lived in LA was on Hollywood Blvd. I moved in with a friend who was in dire need of a roommate.  Her roommate had been deported back to New Zealand and she was freaking out about how she would cover her rent.  I had been wanting to live in LA literally my entire life so I took the opportunity to help her out and move into her one bedroom apartment.  She and I lived in that apartment for about six months and until there was a newsman across the street from our building reporting on how a murderer was apprehended in the building across the street from ours. Time to leave!

We moved into a cute two bedroom walk up in another part of town and it became what my roommate coined, “Holman Hostel.”  We had so many people stay there with us over the years. It was great.  What was not great was the amount of money a person spends on rent in LA. When I calculated what I had spent in two and a half years, I was determined to instead spend my money on equity in a property.

I had been attending open houses for three years, seeing what’s available and what’s out there.  My roommate would come with me sometimes.  We turned the excursions into a verb; we often went “open housing.” For three years I saw what I felt were mediocre places. While visiting a friend’s apartment in the Valley one day late in 2006, parking was limited near their place so I had to park half a block away, which is the first time I saw the building that would become my sanctuary for the next seven years.  I loved how it looked from the outside and I loved the location. I took down the realtor’s number, went to see the unit and, upon walking in, knew that was where I would live. I’d never felt so at home within such a short time of being present in a relatively strange and new place.

I made an offer, it was accepted and I moved in. Knowing I would need minor assistance paying my mortgage while also being able to have money left to live off of, a couple people moved in with me into the new 3 bedroom condo. For years I had various roommates.  My roommates had fun friends who would come visit.  It was a nice, central place for us all to enjoy doing nothing together every once in awhile.

I loved the central location of where the condo is in the Studio City and I also loved the proximity of everything from where I lived; the Hollywood Bowl was a 10 minute drive, Hollywood, a 15 minute drive (without traffic of course, which never happens, but still).

When my fiance moved in, I asked one of our remaining roommates to move out so we could live as alone as possible for awhile.  Our other roommate, Big Rob, was nearly always gone on tour with whomever he was working with at the time.  When my fiance and I decided we wanted to become parents through the foster system, we realized we had yet to live alone, together, and wouldn’t ever live alone again once we had a child.  Tearfully, I had to ask Big Rob, the best roommate ever, to also move out.   Being the best roommate and best friend a gal could ever ask for in a guy, he totally understood and had no hard feelings on the matter…at least from what I think!

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 10.34.47 AM

My fiance and I lived together for a month or so until our beautiful three year old little lady was placed with us.  What a crazy first night that was; for my husband and I realizing we had a three year old person, we didn’t even know previously, to care for.  A few months later we realized we needed to move my husband’s eighty-five year old mother in with us as well.  Family of four in a three bedroom condo.  It was do-able, but tight, especially with all the stuff we had – three family’s furnishings started to become unloaded at every possible opportunity, but we realized just getting rid of our stuff wasn’t going to be enough.  We wanted to be able to let this child go explore and play outside in a backyard.

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 10.44.47 AM

Back to “open housing.”  All the houses we looked at for months and months that were in our price range had nice little backyards, but were only slightly, if at all, larger than our condo, until one day, my husband and our little lady were shown a house just three miles away from our condo.  My husband didn’t think I’d like it for many reasons until one day he suggested going to see it.  Once I did, I was really surprised at how perfect it was for us, with the exception of the gynormous pool in the backyard and no grassy yard for our little girl to play.

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 10.42.20 AM

We made the decision to put in an offer and were shocked to find that there were already three offers on the property, one of which had just been accepted.  We were slightly crushed, but not too surprised as beautiful homes in our price range and our preferred location are few and far between.  We were shocked again when we learned that the first offer had fallen out of escrow and we were up.  It was a month long process of paperwork to the loan officer, banks, and realtors, but we made it through and are the proud new owners of a single family home.

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 10.47.49 AM

It’s interesting to me to realize how little I think about our condo.  I think that maybe I don’t let myself think about it too much because I would miss it too much.  Then again I rationalize that it was time to move onto a bigger space for our growing family, but I do miss that space, and our neighbors, and the area, immensely.  Even our little girl talks, unprompted, about how she misses it.  It had amazing energy from the first day I saw it.  This new house is getting to have good energy, but it’s taken some time.

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 10.52.07 AM

Why is moving so moving?!?!?!  Am I too sentimental or what. Sheesh.

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 10.49.36 AM

The kitchen in the new house, before we moved in.

It’s the Little Things in LA That Are Hard to Get Used To

Not growing up here, yet having lived the past ten years in LA, one would think I would be used to the way things work around here.  But every so often, I marvel at how life in Los Angeles is more than a little surreal at times.

My child goes to school with children of one of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”  It is not uncommon for me to see a celebrity at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Ralph’s at least once a week.  Yes, I go to Bed, Bath & Beyond and the grocery store kind of often.  It is not often however that I see two “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in one day.  I don’t watch the show so I didn’t know this was Kim Richards in front of us until my friend pointed her out to me.  Kim was extremely friendly and talkative with us, letting us know there was a great sale going on at Pier One Imports and that she had just come from there.

MySurreaLife Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Bed Bath and Beyond

Kim Richards, one of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

That ^ was a couple weeks ago.  Last week I went to the Dr’s office.  See photo below. Pulling into the parking garage in the Beverly Hills office building, I had to wait for a TMZ van to leave.  The van was just outside the parking garage I was trying to drive into.  I watched as the tourists gawked and snapped photos of Mr. Chow’s restaurant.  Then I made a right turn and made my way to my doctor’s appointment.

MySurreaLife TMZ in BH

Paying $20 to park while in Dr office is definitely NOT something I have gotten used to, nor will ever likely get used to.  Most Doctor’s offices don’t validate and there is not ample street parking and the meters are typically limited to two hours.  I was going to be at this particular doctor’s appointment for at least three hours so I had no choice but to park in their parking structure and pay the friggin twenty bucks.

MySurreaLife Rite Aid BH Frangrances

MySurreaLife Rite Aid BH

In my frantic hurry to get to the doctor’s appointment on time, I had to forgo picking up a prescription at the drug store close to our house.  Fortunately it’s a chain so I called the pharmacy close to the doctor’s office in Beverly Hills to see if I could pick up my prescription there.  They could.  Joy of joys.  I love when things work out like that.  I went into the Rite Aid in Beverly Hills. I had been there before, but not in years.  I could not believe the updating done.  It is like walking into a spa / department store / vitamin shop.  I stood in shock at the the perfume display at the entrance.  I smelled a few fragrances and noticed they had one on display and for sampling that I wear often.  I went to pick up my prescription and decided to douse myself in my perfume since I didn’t have any on that day and I needed to get to a work commitment at the Sirius XM offices.  #Win

There is such a dichotomy about my life in LA that I haven’t gotten used to, and may never will.  It’s difficult to easily get to things like my doctor’s appointments because of tourists blocking me, yet getting clients onto a Sirius XM show & getting tickets to exclusive parties like ESPYs after party are easy.   I know, I don’t get it either.

MySurreaLife Liane V

4.4 Earthquake Shook Us GOOD this morning!

To be shaken so hard by an earthquake and the subsequent shattering of glass, right before I was about to be alarmed by my alarm clock is definitely one of the scariest things I’ve experienced, recently at least.  At around 6:30am this morning, my husband and I were literally forcefully shaken awake by a 4.4 earthquake that was cenetered not far from where we live.  We live on the top floor of a condo building, but from what I’ve heard from people’s reactions online, most everyone in the near vicinity felt it, whether they were on the ground or a few floors above it.

It was an earthquake that was not far below the surface, only 5.3 miles, according to news reports this morning.  I have never even thought about depth of quakes before and how that might make the shock feel stronger.  It certainly did in our experience today!  I’ve experienced a few small quakes in my ten years of living in Los Angeles but this one took the cake of the strength of the shake.  I’m a poet.  I know it.


As soon as the shaking calmed down a bit, my husband and I both jumped out of bed; I ran to our three year old daughter’s room, he ran to his eighty-three year old mother’s room.  Our three year old started crying and said, “I don’t want our house to be shaking mommy!”  I held her tight and told her it was okay and that the earth just went scribble scrabble.  That’s something the teachers say at the school she attends when children draw frantically and scribbly all over a page.  She understood, I stayed calm and she quickly followed suit.

MySurreaLife Los Angeles Earthquake March 17 2014

While my husband was in with his mom, I walked down the hallway with our little lady in my arms and was in awe at how nearly all of our framed art on the walls was drastically tilted.  It was very surreal.  I was half awake and entirely dumbstruck.  It’s funny how when your brain knows what’s going on, it also still acts completely stupid and takes a long time to process everything that’s going on.

MySurreaLife Los Angeles Earthquake 03 17 14

Our one window that faces the atrium of our building was open.  I heard one of our kind neighbors stick his head out of his front door asking, “is everyone okay?”  Another neighbor peeped her head out and said, “was that an earthquake?!  wow!  We’re okay.”  I stuck my head out, waved and said, “we’re okay too!” Los Angeles Earthquake March 17 2014

I kept looking around the house for what could have possibly broken.  All the bottles of wine were in one piece *THANK GOD*, none of the framed photos had come off the wall. I cracked open the door to the guest bathroom and saw broken pieces of white ceramic.  I went inside, like a fool because I didn’t have shoes on, and saw that one of fancier toilet brush holders (this is actually a possibility) I had gotten at IKEA and installed on our walls had jumped off the wall in an apparent nervous attempt to make a run for it.  I guess it didn’t realize it didn’t have legs and couldn’t get too far.  Even the toilet looks surprised that this thing came off the wall.  I have two other ceramic brush holders installed in our other two bathrooms and they didn’t go anywhere.  So curious.

Anywho, all is well with us in SoCal; just shaken, and slightly stirred.  😉

The Mall, Stinking Boys & Ron Jeremy

Having tons of errands to run and a husband off at work, I took the three year old little lady with me this afternoon & evening. She & I ran around town & completed the list of errands with the last stops being at the mall.

The promise of her playing at the cool little mall playground if she behaved really well while running errands worked like a charm although we rarely have to bribe her anymore. She is so good and so much fun to be around on a consistent basis. She’s such a blessing.

She was awesome while I did what I needed to do. We went to the play area and she played and ran around and climbed and did what children are supposed to do; she had fun. When I told her it was time to go, she got her shoes, I helped her in them and we walked out to the parking garage and into the car.

I buckled her into her car seat and she asked if she could watch a movie when we got home. I told her we couldn’t because it was bath time. She asked me if she smelled like a boy. I repeated her question to her with an obviously confused look on my face. Had she stumbled onto her dad’s cologne somehow? Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine her saying in response to my confusion, “yeah. Do I smell like a boy cuz boys stink.”

I cracked up as I closed the door, got in the drivers seat & turned on the ignition. As we pulled out of the parking garage, I saw a familiar face waiting at the valet area. It was Ron Jeremy, likely the stinkiest boy around.

Perhaps we had walked by him and I hadn’t even noticed? Regardless, the timing could not have been more hysterical to me. These are the days of my life.

Even on days like today, when I have been struggling emotionally with thoughts about things like where my career is and where it’s going and missing my dad so strongly, these other surreal moments with our little girl continue to amaze me and make me feel so alive and thankful for what I have, who I am and what my life is here and now.

Being *only minorly* Affected By the Shooting at LAX

After months of planning, the time was upon us to pack our bags and get ready to go to Maui.  I had arranged for my supermely capable aunt to fly into LA the day before we left to see how a day in our life operates and to implement the consistency for our three year old in the coming few days we would be gone.

At the nail salon getting my nails done the day before we left, I overhead one of the nail techs talking about how LAX was closed because of a shooting.

“Great,” I thought to myself as I came to start worrying about how this turn of events would likely affect the majority of the rest of my day, and possibly my entire week ahead. The flight my aunt was on was supposed to land at LAX in just under an hour from when I heard the news. Her flight was scheduled to land not 2 hours after the incident. There I sat waiting, debating if I should still have these last few nails polished or if i should immediately race out the door and down to what was sure to be quite a scene at LAX.

I waited for the rest of my nails to be polished, paid and got in my car. Before getting on the road I called a colleague I work with who is also a former LAX police officer. I explained my situation and asked him if he could ask anyone he still knows there if my aunt’s flight would be landing and if I would be able to get to my aunt once at LAX. He told me he would call around and call me back.

I started my car and made my way down the 405 to LAX.  My colleague called me back and said the airport was closed, flights weren’t arriving or departing and that no one was allowed into the airport. I thanked him but stayed en route, hoping somehow his colleagues were wrong.

I then got on the phone with United airlines to see if her flight had been diverted. After ten minutes of menus and selections, I was able to speak with someone in reservations who told me her flight was on time. I asked if i would be able to pick her up from the airport. The person on the other line was definitely in a call centee overseas. I ground my teeth as she read from her script and again told me how the flight was on time to arrive at LAX.

Too nervous to be much nicer, I told her there was a shooting, I heard the airport was closed and asked her to check with her supervisor to see if people were able to pick up arriving passengers at the airport. She placed me on hold for a couple minutes at most and assured me her flight was due to arrive on time and that I would be able to pick her up.

Sure enough, in the miles before the exits to the airport, there were signs stating, “airport closed.”

“What am I supposed to do?!” I thought in a minor panic. “If I can’t get my aunt today, we can’t leave tomorrow and all our plans we’ve been working on for months will be all for not. How and why would someone waltz into an airport and start shooting people? Why can’t we all just be happy and not hurt each other?!” Sigh. These were my thoughts as I pulled off the freeway, onto Sepulveda and put my foot on the brakes.

MySurreaLife Sirius Satellite Navigation LAX gridlock LAX shooting

There were red taillights everywhere; stopped cars as far as I could see. People were waiting everywhere for someone to have any sort of information about arriving & departing passengers and how we were supposed to get them and if people’s flights would be leaving that day. While in the line of stopped cars, I called the LAX airport information line but after two rings it said, “all circuits busy,” and dropped the call. I called again to see if I might get a different response. I didn’t.

MySurreaLife Sepulveda closed LAX shooting

As I inched closer to the airport, the scene was surreal in a very unsettling way. Of the ten minutes I had been in the vicinity of LAX, I had only seen one plane land, and five helicopters hovering over the typically otherwise restriced airspace. I sat in the line of traffic on Sepulveda, in front of In-N-Out burger and saw, on the grassy area between the burger joint and the road, about 50 people with luggage, sitting around talking, pointing, scratching their heads, literally and figuratively.

MySurreaLife LAX shooting grassy area

I saw about 10 flight attendants grouped together in their pressed white shirts, blue pants and uniform scarves. I saw a couple take towels out of their suitcase and use it for a makeshift picnic area. The man laid down & put on his shades. The woman sat cross legged and took out a magazine.  Everyone was so calm, even with the handful of news trucks in the background and the helicopters buzzing overhead.

I called my aunt, hoping she’d landed somewhere by now. The call went directly to voice mail so I sent her a text asking her to call me when she lands so we can figure out what to do from there. Not too long after I sent her the text, I drove away towards Marina Del Rey, just to escape the other, many confused people almost on top of each other for lack of information about where else we should all go.

I drove towards MDR and turned around at the first stop light.  I didn’t want to go too far in case she made it in and in case we would be allowed to go into the airport to pick up arriving passengers.

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 2.11.59 PM

As I waited, my phone chirped.  My aunt texted back saying they had arrived into LAX but were waiting for a gate. I had no idea if the passengers were given information about what had happened. I asked her to call me if and when should could.

She called. I told her what had happened and told her how the airport was completely closed and that it looked like I wasn’t going to be able to drive onto the property to pick her up. I told her I would wait at one of the parking lots hoping that the police might be allowing shuttle buses to bring people out. Then I saw a shuttle bus driver who confirmed that even they couldn’t go in or out.

My aunt called back when she had her luggage and said there were no cars or busses anywhere in the airport. I tried to imagine the scene. It seemed too unreal to believe. She said she would start walking towards Sepulveda and that if they started allowing cars inside or at least along Sepulveda that she would look for my car & hop in if she saw me. I told her I was going to leave the parking area and go stay at in-n-out and wait for her. I had to pay $6.00 for the 20 minutes I was in the parking area. It drives me crazy that in times of crisis business owners can’t lend the smallest hand and give people a pass.

Miraculously I found a parking space at In-N-Out so I parked, grabbed my phone and started walking towards the airport. The weather had reached the low 80s. I didn’t want my aunt to have to pull her suitcase any longer than she already had. As I crossed the crosswalk onto an eerily empty Sepulveda, my phone rang. My aunt was in the parking lot at In-N-Out! I turned around, crossed the street again and was offered a bottle of cold Arrowhead water from a young man with cases full. A news reporter came up and said, “ok, i’ll take one. How much?”  “Oh, these are free,” he said, grabbing as many as he could and handing them out as fast as he could.  I didn’t ask who they were provided by, I just took one for my aunt, thanked him and kept heading back towards where she was waiting.

I’m always happy to see this aunt but I have never been more relieved to see her face standing with her suitcase in the parking lot at In-N-Out. We gave each other huge, sweaty hugs, I gave her the bottle of cold water and we made our way to my car and back to the Valley.

Before going to sleep that night my fiance had the brilliant idea to try to check us in and see if we would be able to or if our flight was somehow delayed due to the incident at LAX.  I was able to check us in online without a problem, but I called the airline just to be sure we wouldn’t have any surprises at the airport.  Sure enough, the airline assured us we could check in as we would have any other day, but to get there a bit early, just to be sure.

We arrived early and drove by the eerie scene of terminal 3.  The windows were covered and there were police cars lined up, about 10-12 deep. I was very thankful we weren’t departing out of terminal 3, that our flight was able to leave without delay only one day after the entire airport was shut down and mostly, I was thankful that my aunt was able to get into and out of the airport without major incident.  I feel truly blessed that, although we were minorly affected by the incident, it was only a convenience of time factor and nothing more.

My aunt and I have a great joke about walking to and from LAX now. When I took her back she asked if I could take her all the way to the terminal and not drop her at In-N-Out, even though she knew she could walk that distance with a suitcase.

I love all parts of my surreal life, even the nerve wracking parts!  Being able to remember the nerve wracking times in my life truly makes the easy parts that much more enjoyable for me.  So thankful, for everything.

Returned Favors

In the (sometimes not so) great city of Los Angeles, there are tons of people saying they can do many a splendid and seemingly impossible things.  Publicists promise, for a modest fee, the glare of the media spotlight to fame needy singers and actors.  Directors promise a big budget movie will make big money at the box office.  Friends who work with someone you need an “in” with help you out only to not help out in return.  After too many years (10!) here in LA, I’ve grown to realize that this is just how this town works.

Over the weekend, my hope for humanity was restored when I did a favor for Jasmine Thompson.  Jasmine Thompson is a 12-year-old singer/songwriter from London. She plays the piano and guitar, and dances. Jasmine’s crystal clear, haunting vocals have led her to gain early support from the likes of BBC R1, Jacks Gap and The Best Of YouTube.  Jasmine’s recent covers have also caught the attention of artists such as Naughty Boy and Passenger. Her first radio play was in August 2013 on Edith Bowman’s BBC Radio 1 Review Show in which Jasmine won the weekly national online vote “This is my Jam”. I did what her manager asked of me, her manager did what I asked in return.

Perhaps it’s that they’re sooo far from LA that they actually behaved like humans and respected the return favor.  Regardless, I’m now a fan for life, all because of a little human decency. Thanks Jasmine and manager for making my Monday a happy and hopeful one!

Who Have I Become?!?!

Since becoming a parent just five months ago, my lifestyle has definitely changed.  This three year old little lady who we were blessed with, wakes me up consistently around 8am, sometimes later, sometimes a bit earlier, but always right around there.  I have never, with the exception of a 7 month stint at a 9-5 job, woken up consistently at 8am, and I’m one of those people who LOVES their sleep.  I like my sleep A LOT.  I also used to go out about town randomly whenever I could.  Now that I don’t have as much freedom to catch up on my sleep, every opportunity to get a little more rest is taken at first chance.

MySurreaLife Whoever You Are

Last night, for example, my significant other and I had the unique opportunity to stand backstage and watch The Weeknd perform at the Greek Theater.  Yesterday morning we decided we’d rather go to dinner and a movie.  I mean, who am I to allow this to happen?!  Any chance I had to go to a concert for free, let alone stand backstage at a show, was taken immediately and every moment was enjoyed immensely.

MySurreaLife Jason Charles Miller

In all honesty, my significant other and I have been to so many shows, for free and backstage, paid for and working, that it is all so exhausting to us both anymore.  Dinner and a movie is not only the more relaxing of the two options, it is also the one that will get us home earlier.  I’m not even forty, I’m acting seventy and I do not even hate it! hahaha.

We went to see “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” and am I glad we did.  The cast was completely star studded; from Oprah to John Cusack, Robin Williams and the star Forrest Whitaker.  It was a brilliantly acted, Forrest Gump type story about one family and their lives through the years, all while history was going on around them.  It’s definitely a film I’ll watch again and again, and one I’d like to know more about it’s originations; possibly read the book in all my free time.  ha! It’s also a film that reminded me a lot of the lives my significant other and I lead.

MySurreaLife paparazzi

Thinking about writing this post, I realize that we all evolve, whether we like it or not.  With age comes wisdom and a greater sense of reality about our surroundings.  As in the movie “The Butler,” things happen around us, history is made, close to our proximity or not, and our lives develop and unfold right alongside the history that many others might also be experiencing.

MySurrealife NeverLook Back

My significant other and I have been right there next to so much of the entertainment history others have experienced by watching the news when we’ve watched it happening with our own eyes.  It feels good, after all these years, to take a step back and watch stories the world will know unfold on a movie screen vs ten feet away.

MySurreaLife Goodnight Los Angeles