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A Bathrobe, A Mood & A Brain Cloud

Yesterday was a long, wonderful, very LA sort of day. I took the toddler to the Farmers Market where she rode some rides & got her face painted.  Waiting in line for some tacos and tamales, we nearly got ran over by a swarm of paparazzi frantically running, cameras in hand, hoping to get a good shot of Gavin Rossdale.

We then had a nice nap and woke up to go meet my friend who came into town from New York. We rarely get to see each other & it was a much needed catch up session with him. He greeted this little lady of ours with a cheerleading set of pom poms and a bull horn, of which she loved. We ate lettuce wrapped burgers and chewed the fat for as long as we could. We continued our fat chewing fest on a walk down Sunset Blvd. We remarked at the oddly dressed couple crossing the street opposite us and we stopped to watch the four leggeds at a lovely little dog park I never realized was there in my nearly 10 years in LA. I remarked at how lovely the weather was and my friend remarked back how LA was like a scene out of a movie, how it feels like nothing was real. I laughed in agreement and mentioned how Tom Hanks’ character says that in “Joe vs the Volcano.”

Today has been a stark contrast to yesterday. It’s been one of those blah days. I have felt all day like I can’t wake up regardless what I do. I laid down hoping to get in a nap this afternoon but I couldn’t fall asleep. I feel like I have a brain cloud.

Oddly enough, when I checked my Facebook & Twitter feeds, seemed a lot of people are also having a kind of rough day.  Is Mercury in retrograde?  Is there a full moom tonight? Is it possible to think that’s how cloudy my brain is? So much so that I don’t even go online to research these questions?  Instead I simply ask them, and that is not like me.

I have to wonder if I somehow managed to injest some gluten. Exhaustion is one my main symptoms of having injested gluten. Being gluten intolerant is exhausting in itself. The constant ingredient reading, harassing of wait staff & restaurant chefs. And even with all of that preparation, somehow gluten manages to find its way into my being, messing with my every moment for two days after. So not-okay. Can I get disability for this? Maybe? Please?

Ta ta for now from La La Land, where nothing seems real, except, thankfully, the people under my roof.