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Don’t Ever Work for Christina Milian

That time I worked for Christina Milian to secure items for gift bags to be given to guests of her daughter Violet’s first birthday party, and didn’t get paid, or thanked.

MySurreaLife Christina Milian daughter Violet 1st bday

MySurreaLife Violet 1st bday Christina Milian

MySurreaLife Violet Christina Milian

A Video, of Jesus

A video, of Jesus walking on Sunset Blvd.  Yes, THAT Jesus.

Click the photo for a link to the video

Jesus on Sunset Blvd. MySurreaLife

Big Rob Little Lady Jeepin

Big Rob, Little Lady

I am so blessed to have been friends for the past decade with one of the most incredible men, a man who has become my big brother.  I was introduced to “Big Rob”, as much of the world knows him, back when I was just a twenty something child (over a decade ago).  Ever since then he and I have kept in touch and in doing so, we became the best of buddies.  A time came when Big Rob needed a place to stay and I just happened to have a vacant room and so we became roommates, off and on, for the next seven years.

Big Rob is awesome, for many reasons, but mostly because he takes the time to see people in his life who matter to him.  Last year, he was in LA for work, and we planned a night of he, me and our little lady.  Ever since then, our little lady now considers Big Rob her buddy, as evidenced by the photos here.  I love that I’m able to introduce her to, and have her understand that people I introduce her to, are safe and that it is safe for her to be kind to them.

Thanks Big Rob for being the best Big Brother to me and such a wonderful Uncle to her!!!


Big Rob Little Lady poolside



Big Rob Little Lady Jeepin

Big Rob Little Lady

Big Rob Little Lady My SurreaLife