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Growing Older Does Not Suck, and Other Inevitable Realizations

There was a point in time, not so very long ago, when i was really having a hard time with the realization that I was in my mid-thirties and not getting any younger.  I was a bit mad coming to realize that my body couldn’t recover from drinking alcohol like I could in my twenties.  I was not terribly joyous when we were on the hunt for a single family home. I loved the condo we lived in for the past few years, a condo I bought as a single person seven years ago and I wasn’t yet ready to move.

Our daughter’s school had offered to stay open, for extra money of course, late the Friday night before mothers day. So sweet & so something we jumped at. My man and I went to dinner and a movie. We saw the Seth Rogan film, “The Neighbors.”  It was raunchy, hysterical and actually really sweet. I felt like their dilemma was on course with mine; new house, new parents seeing young people partying & being slightly sad and mad about the fact that they could no longer be living that lifestyle.  The end was a scene with the two new parents in bed together. Seth Rogan’s character said something to his wife the effect of enjoying their private party in their house and how that’s the party he’d rather be at. It really struck a chord with me.

MySurreaLife Mother's Day delivery

Plants received at my door for Mother’s Day, from my mom and siblings. Thanks guys!

That past week was nonstop, 12 hour days of hard work. Monday and Tuesday I worked with the talent flow team at the Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon. Those were long, hot days working with talent including Jason Derulo, Jordin Sparks, Fallout Boy, Kevin Frazier, American Authors and others.  The talent were all super easy and nice to work with but it was a television production, and those all have so many facets to make sure work together; they were long days of work.

MySurreaLife Jason Derulo Jordin Sparks MDA Telethon 2014

Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo doing an interview with an MDA ambassador at the 2014 MDA Telethon at the Hollywood Palladium

We had scheduled movers to come Wednesday to move us out of our condo to our new house a few miles away. There was a heat wave rolling through Los Angeles that week, and it was 100 degrees that day.  Not that I was moving heavy furniture or anything, but doors were open, heat was everywhere, was directing traffic, and it was another long, hot, productive day.

Thursday was spent working my “main job” as a house manager readying two homes for arrivals. Another long day of work, I came home to a house filled with boxes to unpack & a child to feed and bathe. Im not complaining at all, in fact I am very aware of how blessed I am to have a house, food and a beautiful child to raise. However, it is all exhausting to this thirty something me.

Friday morning I headed to the fantastically small Bob Hope Burbank airport to catch an equally fantastically short hour long flight to Las Vegas to work with talent flow for the Billboard Music Awards. I had never worked this show and i had always wanted to attend the show growing up. I was excited to go to Vegas and excited to be around my work colleagues, not have to drive, not have to cook and not have to worry about unpacking for a couple of days.

While in line to board the flight, I stood behind a group of twenty somethings en route to Vegas for one of their bachelorette party. They were talking about what they were all wearing and how to drink to be able to keep drinking and not pass out. Their plans were clearly so much different than mine, but our excitement was likely quite parallel and that was when it hit me how much I love my life in my mid-thirties.  When I was their age I loved doing all the things they were pumped to do.

MySurreaLife Tom Green Southwest Airlines

Tom Green, asleep on the Southwest Airlines flight we were on from Las Vegas to Burbank. Creepy to take a picture of someone asleep, I know, but I couldn’t resist. “Your bum is on my lips.”

Right now, I am thrilled to be on a plane back home from Vegas, not in the slightest bit hungover, on the flight with Tom Green, some of my colleagues at the show, and the dancers of the Michael Jackson hologram performance.

MySurreaLife Carrie Underwood Miranda Lambert

Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert hanging out after the 2014 Billboard Music Awards

MySurreaLife Miranda Lambert Wanda the Wanderer Airstream

The interior of “Wanda the Wanderer,” Miranda Lambert’s airstream tour trailer

I am excited to have stood around the day before, after the Billboard Music Awards show, amidst Miranda Lambert and her airstream Wanda the Wanderer, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan.  

MySurreaLife Wanda the Wanderer Miranda Lambert

Wanda the Wanderer and her awesome gynormous tiara

MySurreaLife Wanda the wanderer Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton Luke Bryan

Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert standing around after the 2014 Billboard Music Awards by “Wanda the Wanderer,” the tour trailer of Miranda Lambert.

Of all of that, I was most excited at how gorgeous the sky looked that evening.

MySurreaLife Las Vegas Skies

The gorgeous sky in Las Vegas, May 2014

I am excited to go unpack more boxes and get our new house together.  I cannot wait to go pick up our little girl from school and take her to the park. This is totally the party I want to be at right now. I’m so thankful to have been to the other parties, the drinking parties and I’m so thankful to be at the party that is my mid-thirties life.

Dog Days of Summer in Aspen

While in Aspen last summer, I saw these dogs thoroughly enjoying their lives.  I just had to share such preciously adorable photos of these cute beasts.

MySurreaLife Dog Days in Aspen MySurreaLife It's a Dog's Life in Aspen

Happy summer everyone!

Adventures in Aspen

When you have the time and money to go to Aspen, I STRONGLY recommend doing it.  Make sure you bring extra money just for the food and drinks in that town.  I have not consistently eaten as  well as I ate in Aspen the four days I was there.  Wow wow wow.  Can’t say enough good things about the food & beverage industry there.

My sister has lived in Aspen and worked in the restaurant industry for the past seven years.  She has been a sommelier for the past four years and she really kicks ass at what she does.  I went with her when she went to test for one of her sommelier tests and that process seemed completely brutal to me.  It’s a three day long test, covering more information that I could ever hope to make time to read about, much less study and retain.  It makes sense everything they study; their educated opinions on the selections they chose have never been less that extraordinary to my meagerly educated self.  When I went with her to this test, it was held in Vegas.  That night we ate at Jean Georges, which, in and of itself, is an amazing restaurant, but we ate with three of her colleagues who had also just taken the test and the wines and champagnes they ordered to accompany the food we had was beyond incredible.  I am a lightweight in the drink department, and I drank 4-5 glasses of various wines and champagnes which would typically make me sick, but the next day I was not the slightest bit hungover.  #Score. I digress.

MySurreaLife Snow Piled High in Aspen

Back to Aspen.  It was cold.  The snow was PILED high (see above) but it was beautiful; sunny skies and beautiful scenery. My sister, being so connected in the restaurant scene in Aspen, was able to get us reservations to accommodate our times and the number of people in our relatively small parties this past February.  The first night we went to an amazing steakhouse, whose street address is 316, and is therefore aptly named Steakhouse 316.  My sister had worked there two weeks prior to us going so when she walked in, it was like she came home to a living room full of family happy to see her.  We got a great table right by the door, albeit a bit too large for our party of 5.  We sat down at a table where my back was facing the entrance.  We got settled and placed our drink orders.  My brother was seated facing the door.  When I saw the look of complete joy and surprise on his face, I nearly broke my neck to see what he saw.  To my siblings and my surprise, my mother, being the master planner of surprises, had one of our uncles and one of our cousins surprise us by coming up to Aspen from Grand Junction.

The table for seven made sense now.  Needless to say, the company was outstanding, the service and ambiance incredible and the food?  It really was everything and more.  I have a few food intolerance issues and am “that person” at the table who needs to make sure things are cooked in this and not that. Not only did the chef and the servers know exactly what my food intolerances are, the food tasted incredible, even the food I could eat!  It is not the easiest task to cook tasty food that is also gluten and dairy free.

MySurreaLife Kickin it in Aspen MySurreaLife Dog Days in Aspen

The next day we toodled around town.  I saw a dog thoroughly enjoying being outside and a cute “artsy” statue in a window of an art gallery.  My mom’s super fun friend who was walking with me named the masterpiece “kickin it.”  I burst into laughter.  Right on Sharlee, right on.

MySurreaLife shopping at JCrew in Aspen

Trying on a shirt at JCrew that I ended up buying (& loving!)


I bought a shirt for my husband, and a few things for myself and on the way to catch the free bus back to my sister’s cute little apartment, I saw this amazing sunset.  I am so thankful I was able to snap a photo of how gorgeous those colors were.  Two minutes later it was gone.

MySurreaLife Sunset in Aspen

That night, we went to eat at another restaurant that my sister used to work at. Again, incredible food, amazing service and the most fun, HUGE, square ice cubes I’ve ever seen!

MySurreaLife Ice Cube at Jimmy's

The next day I was due to leave to go home to LA.  I checked the local Aspen tv station with the flight information and saw that my flight status was “on-time.”  I got to the tiny airport, sat at the gate and sat at the gate for the next four hours while other flights continued to arrive and depart.  The incoming flight that was due to be our outbound flight was having too much trouble landing in the wind of the Valley.  Understandable. Better safe than sorry.  They finally cancelled our flight, I called my mother and her friend who were still in town and they picked me up and we all went to dinner with my sister and our cousin at another amazing restaurant, one that my sister has not worked at, not yet at least! Matsuhisa is a Japanese restaurant that is outstanding, but I had only ever eaten there before I knew I was gluten intolerant which was why my mother and sister had planned to go there after I left.

Being in the service industry in as small of a town that Aspen is, my sister knows everyone, almost literally.  We sat down, she and our server greeted each other with friendly hugs and she explained to him my food intolerances.  He responded that they had many options available that I could eat, and I began to invision a plate of sashimi, chopped vegetables and a salad with no dressing.  That is typically what I have to order at Japanese restaurants.  Boy was I WRONG.  I don’t believe I have EVER eaten such amazingly tasty, melt in your mouth food that was free of gluten, dairy, yeast and pork.  The food and beverage industry in Aspen is absolutely incredible.

At the end of the night, as we were getting up to leave, my cousin’s necklace got caught in the fancy table.  Funny ending to a great night.

MySurreaLife Dinner in Aspen

The next day I went back to the airport, alongside Robert Wagner.  This is not the first time I’ve been on an Aspen to LAX flight with him.  My sister is coincidentally named after Natalie Wood.  Serendipitous or just a grand coincidence for me to have just spent a lovely week with his “love’s” namesake and BAM, there he is, Mr. Number 2.

MySurreaLife Robert Wagner

I got to the tiny boarding area and went to buy a ridiculously expensive bottle of water when I saw the cover of that month’s Vanity Fair magazine.  There they were, some the people I was about to be around when I got back to LA.  Thank-you life/universe for prepping me for what was about to come; more of MySurreality.

MySurreaLife February Vanity Fair cover Aspen Airport

#ForeverThankful & #Grateful