Serendipity Is Super Surreal

Putting it off for months, last week I finally decided to get in gear and find something to wear for my very fast approaching wedding. It’s not really a wedding, more of a marriage ceremony; just the two of us.  We have everything lined up; the officiant, the photographer and the location but neither of us have any idea what we are going to wear…until today!

I went shopping last week, to no avail.  Today I was worried the same would happen, but voila…I found what I will be wearing and there is such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders because of it!  When I got to the store today, randomly (not randomly?) they set me in front of dressing room 28, which just so happens to be the date of my birth.  I tried a few things on, none of which really were striking my fancy and I started to get frustrated, especially when a song came on the store’s sound system, a song that my fiance’s boss sings.

A mere 3 hours later, my outfit was purchased and pinned to be altered to fit me juuuust right, like a soft, beautiful bear bed for Goldilocks.  Upon arriving home not long after the successful trip to the store, a box had been delivered outside our front door.  OMG!  Our wedding bands!!! The bands custom ordered for us through an out of state connection had arrived.  Outfit, check. Wedding bands, check check.  Same day, check check check.  Feels soo good to have these boxes getting all checked off with time to spare!

I LOVE when breathing comes easier.

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