Mommy, Mommy! Are Those Real?

At the grocery store the other day, little lady and I stood by the “fresh” seafood counter awaiting the rotisserie chicken to be finished rotissering. She noticed some whole trout in the frozen display, pointed and said,
“Mommy! Mommy! Look fish!” I looked over, saw the fish in their entireties, eyes open, etc.

Feeling horrible for being at the top of the food chain and being partly responsible for the poor fish in their current state, I simply said,  “yep! Those are fish!”

We waited there for awhile longer, me looking around, on my phone, etc, her in the little seat of the shopping cart.   She had her head turned away from me to look at the fish in the frozen display and she started patting her arm on me, to get my attention. Her little hand landed on my little chest. As she patted the bra area, she said,  “Mommy, mommy. Are those real?”

So that happened, in public.

I explained to her that the fish were real and that they were in there so people could eat them.  She was a bit angered by that.  I forget what she said as I was trying to recover from her feeling me up while asking if something was real.  Hysterical.

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