Jason Charles Miller; Thursday’s US Weekly Hot Stuff Co-Host

Jason Charles Miller and I share an uncommon coincidence of how we know one another.  When I first bought property in Los Angeles, it was in a condo building in the Valley.  A chick I knew from years before became my roommate and moved in with me when she first moved to the city, right after I bought the condo.  I overheard her on the phone one night, saying things like, “what?! No way!  That is crazy!”

She came out of her room to tell me that her friend, Jason, who she met while he was in Phoenix for a music show years before, said his mom lives near us.  When she asked further and further, turns out she was literally our next door neighbor, her and Kevin Nealon who lived on the other side of us in the building. What a crazy small world it proves to be, time and again.

Anywho, that’s how I know Jason.  Over the years we’ve seen each other around my condo building.  He’s stayed in touch with my former roommate and somehow we became friends as well.  I offered him a photo shoot with Mission: ART, the company for which I book talent.  I blogged about the photo shoot previously, but will share some additional photos in this post.

MySurreaLife Jason Charles Miller

We shot on location in downtown Los Angeles, with security and everything.  Not that we really needed it, but it was nice to have two armed guards with us when three vagrants come out of the tunnels that comprise the “LA River.”  This area is very well known for movie scenes.  The area where we shot is the same place the infamous racing scene in the legendary musical “Grease” was filmed.

MySurreaLife Jason Charles Miller LA River

You can see more about Jason at his site www.jasoncharlesmiller.com

Jason is currently promoting his hit album “Natural Born Killer.” Images from our photo shoot with him have been used in his promotional efforts.

I couldn’t decide which scene or which image from each scene was my favorite so here are a few to chew on.

The scenes we used were all in downtown LA and they were pretty much all stinky, dirty and at times downright scary.

When we were in the river basin (where scenes from awesome movies like “Batman” & “Transformers” were filmed) there were quite a few homeless people that made their way to the scene of our shoot.  Fortunately we were smart enough to bring security along with us that day.

I am such a visual person.  Even though the areas we spent our time in were less than “cool,” to many people, all day that day I kept thinking to myself how incredible it was to witness this art come together in these visually rich settings.

I really love the graffiti in the background of one of the photos from the scene in the LA River basin.

Someone wrote on the wall, “This is the life we chose.”



Jason will be the co-host of this week’s US Weekly HOT STUFF online feature.  This is an web based series where Entertainment Director Ian Drew and his guest hosts discuss hot celebrity news of the week.

Tune in!

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