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Serendipity Is Super Surreal

Putting it off for months, last week I finally decided to get in gear and find something to wear for my very fast approaching wedding. It’s not really a wedding, more of a marriage ceremony; just the two of us.  We have everything lined up; the officiant, the photographer and the location but neither of us have any idea what we are going to wear…until today!

I went shopping last week, to no avail.  Today I was worried the same would happen, but voila…I found what I will be wearing and there is such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders because of it!  When I got to the store today, randomly (not randomly?) they set me in front of dressing room 28, which just so happens to be the date of my birth.  I tried a few things on, none of which really were striking my fancy and I started to get frustrated, especially when a song came on the store’s sound system, a song that my fiance’s boss sings.

A mere 3 hours later, my outfit was purchased and pinned to be altered to fit me juuuust right, like a soft, beautiful bear bed for Goldilocks.  Upon arriving home not long after the successful trip to the store, a box had been delivered outside our front door.  OMG!  Our wedding bands!!! The bands custom ordered for us through an out of state connection had arrived.  Outfit, check. Wedding bands, check check.  Same day, check check check.  Feels soo good to have these boxes getting all checked off with time to spare!

I LOVE when breathing comes easier.

Mommy, Mommy! Are Those Real?

At the grocery store the other day, little lady and I stood by the “fresh” seafood counter awaiting the rotisserie chicken to be finished rotissering. She noticed some whole trout in the frozen display, pointed and said,
“Mommy! Mommy! Look fish!” I looked over, saw the fish in their entireties, eyes open, etc.

Feeling horrible for being at the top of the food chain and being partly responsible for the poor fish in their current state, I simply said,  “yep! Those are fish!”

We waited there for awhile longer, me looking around, on my phone, etc, her in the little seat of the shopping cart.   She had her head turned away from me to look at the fish in the frozen display and she started patting her arm on me, to get my attention. Her little hand landed on my little chest. As she patted the bra area, she said,  “Mommy, mommy. Are those real?”

So that happened, in public.

I explained to her that the fish were real and that they were in there so people could eat them.  She was a bit angered by that.  I forget what she said as I was trying to recover from her feeling me up while asking if something was real.  Hysterical.

Jason Charles Miller Is This Week’s US Weekly HOT STUFF co-host

This week, Jason Charles Miller, one of my pr clients, was this week’s US Weekly co-host with the magazine’s Entertainment Director Ian Drew.  Miller is in New York to perform TONIGHT, Saturday, October 12, at Comic-con New York’s After Party “Times Scare.”

Jason is on tour promoting his album, “Natural Born Killer.”  His third single, “Here To Kill the Pain,” goes to radio Nov. 1 and is on track to be at the top of the charts alongside heavy hitters Blake Shelton, Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, as his last two singles were.

Click the photo to watch the video of Ian Drew and Jason breaking down the hottest stories in this next week’s US Weekly magazine, on newsstands Tuesday!  They discuss Halle Berry’s new baby, Lea Michele’s steps to move onto a possible new love interest, Casey Kasem’s children’s fight to care for their ailing father and Robert Pattinson’s new love interest, Dylan Penn, daughter of Sean and Robin Wright Penn.

Oddly enough, two of these stories hit close to home: Halle Berry is diabetic like I am and I spoke to her about how much of an inspiration she was to be in having a healthy child back in February at the Golden Globes before anyone knew she was pregnant.  She also, oddly enough, goes to the same nail salon as I.

I did not realize Casey Kasem was so ill until I saw this HOT STUFF video. I also did not know his 2nd (?) wife is keeping his, not her, children from seeing their father. I used to handle pr for his 2nd wife for their line of baby cribs that was called Little Miss Liberty.  I am also in a battle trying to care for my aging and ailing father.

These are the days of MySurreaLife…

MySurreaLife Jason Charles Miller Ian Drew US Weekly HOT STUFF

Jason Charles Miller; Thursday’s US Weekly Hot Stuff Co-Host

Jason Charles Miller and I share an uncommon coincidence of how we know one another.  When I first bought property in Los Angeles, it was in a condo building in the Valley.  A chick I knew from years before became my roommate and moved in with me when she first moved to the city, right after I bought the condo.  I overheard her on the phone one night, saying things like, “what?! No way!  That is crazy!”

She came out of her room to tell me that her friend, Jason, who she met while he was in Phoenix for a music show years before, said his mom lives near us.  When she asked further and further, turns out she was literally our next door neighbor, her and Kevin Nealon who lived on the other side of us in the building. What a crazy small world it proves to be, time and again.

Anywho, that’s how I know Jason.  Over the years we’ve seen each other around my condo building.  He’s stayed in touch with my former roommate and somehow we became friends as well.  I offered him a photo shoot with Mission: ART, the company for which I book talent.  I blogged about the photo shoot previously, but will share some additional photos in this post.

MySurreaLife Jason Charles Miller

We shot on location in downtown Los Angeles, with security and everything.  Not that we really needed it, but it was nice to have two armed guards with us when three vagrants come out of the tunnels that comprise the “LA River.”  This area is very well known for movie scenes.  The area where we shot is the same place the infamous racing scene in the legendary musical “Grease” was filmed.

MySurreaLife Jason Charles Miller LA River

You can see more about Jason at his site

Jason is currently promoting his hit album “Natural Born Killer.” Images from our photo shoot with him have been used in his promotional efforts.

I couldn’t decide which scene or which image from each scene was my favorite so here are a few to chew on.

The scenes we used were all in downtown LA and they were pretty much all stinky, dirty and at times downright scary.

When we were in the river basin (where scenes from awesome movies like “Batman” & “Transformers” were filmed) there were quite a few homeless people that made their way to the scene of our shoot.  Fortunately we were smart enough to bring security along with us that day.

I am such a visual person.  Even though the areas we spent our time in were less than “cool,” to many people, all day that day I kept thinking to myself how incredible it was to witness this art come together in these visually rich settings.

I really love the graffiti in the background of one of the photos from the scene in the LA River basin.

Someone wrote on the wall, “This is the life we chose.”



Jason will be the co-host of this week’s US Weekly HOT STUFF online feature.  This is an web based series where Entertainment Director Ian Drew and his guest hosts discuss hot celebrity news of the week.

Tune in!

I Like You A Lottle


MySurreaLife Love you a Lottle


I snagged this from Christina Perri’s Instagram account.

Had to re-share.

Interesting Day of Trying to Figure Out What People Were Saying

In my house, I’ve become used to trying to decifer what the three year old who lives with us is trying to say.  Tonight, for instance, after reading her a bedtime story, I gave her a hug and put her into her bed.  She then said, “goodnight!  You are Hangry.”

I twice asked her to repeat what she was saying and each time, very clearly, she said, “You are Hangry.”

I responded, confused, “I’m angry?”

“Nooo!” she said. “You’re Hangry.”

“I’m hungry?”

“No,” she responded again, this time pointing at the book we just read.  “You’re Hangry.”

“Ohhhh, I’m Henry!” I finally understood.

“Yes, Hangry,” she again replied.

Tonight we also had my significant other’s 83 year old mother over for dinner.  She first said she wasn’t very hungry and that she would only like a salad.  When we all sat down to dinner, she stopped eating her salad and looked, and looked harder at her son.  He said, “yes mother?”

She said, “I really don’t like all this stuff in my salad.”  He looked at me confused, as there was only lettuce leaves left in her salad bowl.

He said, “mom, you only have lettuce in your salad bowl.”

She replied ephatically, “yes, but it’s green!  I only like white lettuce.”

He and I just looked at each other, admitting our loss at the logic of the situation.

I LOVE how surprising our days are now-a-days. From the three year old to the eighty three year old, we never know what to expect from these two!