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I feel like half the time I should change my blog’s name to because really, I am so thankful for so very many things.  Mostly for things I blog about.  I have a section with a “so thankful” tag, so that can suffice for now I guess.

Anywho, I am blessed enough to have a car equipped with navigation that changes the route to wherever we’re going to keep us as far away from bad traffic as possible.  We often bring our foster daughter home from various appointments at 5pm, when traffic is THE WORST.

Here you will see how our lovely navigation is navigating me right away from the thick red line of all the others in traffic on the freeway, and giving me a good alternative to get where I’m going.

MySurreaLife So Thankful

Thank-you for being so awesome you awesome NAVIGATION system!!!

Bruce Springsteen?!?! Is That You?!?!?!?

I saw this car while we were driving the other day and wondered, could that be Bruce in there?

We weren’t able to catch up to him, but one can always dream.

MySurreaLife the boss

You Are Beautiful





On a recent trip somewhere, I saw this when I sat down on the throne in an airport bathroom somewhere.

How sweet, huh?! MySurreaLife You Are Beautiful

I Love Seeing Cartoon Characters As Real People

MySurreaLife Despicable Me in real life

Lady Gaga? Miley? Is that you?

hahaha.  Saw these two eating the other day.

MySurreaLife Lady Gaga Miley Cyrus

Leaving the Park

Seeing how different children/parents deal with having to leave the park reminds me of life in general and how people deal with having to deal with change. I, for example, have had to spend a lot less time at “the park” lately.  Now that I have a child, my priorities have changed and my fun “park-like” times have changed.

I can’t go out to join friends for drinks anymore, or go out with friends as freely as I could pre-parenthood. Not that I’m too dissatisfied with that as I did it so seldom before I became a parent anyway. Going out with friends, and especially to grab a cocktail is something I have to really plan for if I do want to do it.

I have to find a sitter if my significant other isn’t in town, I have to make sure my day after isnt packed as I need serious rest after drinking anymore. I’m no young buck. Getting old has taken away my leisure of bouncing back quickly. I take days to recover now. Talk about

Seeing the different children on the different parts of the park is like life too. There are the little ones who spin and spin on the swings, twisting the metals chains, enjoying the drunken feeling after they’ve spun themselves around and around.  The little white boy chasing the darker skinned girl, retrieving two large sticks & asking her, “do you want a big stick?” really cracked me up. I know a few of these types of white boy adults.

Then there are the parents, molding these children into who they will become. The parents who let their children tantrum when it’s time to leave the park, not taking the time to explain and enforce helpful consequences that will benefit the children and the parents alike, with a little patience and persistence.

The parent I loved watching, probably because they seem so rare these days, was the dad with his 7-8 year old son. They played tag, laughed with each other and were completely there with each other.  Our little lady took note & watched them laugh and run and play together.  When she asked me to join her, I did in a heartbeat.  When the dad and his son got ready to go, I said to the dad, “I love how you are with him.” Without hesitation he replied with a smile, ” he’s my best friend.” That was all there was to say.

Life is my park.

In the words of Jack Kerouac, “Be in love with your life, every moment.”