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Shakin It Like A Polaroid Picture

Fortunately, our little lady loves these packets of gluten free oatmeal I’ve been getting since before she was in the picture. She also loves to get the packet out of the pantry for me while the water is boiling. She saw me shaking the pack the first few times, to get the oatmeal down toward the bottom of the bag so it doesn’t spill out when I rip it open, so she shakes the packets also now.

When she does this I say, “shake it like a Polaroid picture.”  She thinks it’s funny, tries to repeat what I’m saying, but has no idea how awesome it really is what she’s saying. She didnt realize until tonight, that is.

While entertaining herself after dinner this evening, I had the radio station tuned to 93.1 Jack-FM, playing in the background. I realized Outkast’s “Hey Ma” was on so I told her to come listen & that this was the song that says, “shake it like a Polaroid picture.”

When that part came on she was so excited she started doing a little dance and had the biggest smile on her pretty little face.

It really is the little things.

My Guardian Angels

Hopping on the always crowded 101 freeway in Los Angeles last week, I thought to myself, “I hope my life on this earth isn’t ending soon and this empty freeway is my lovely parting gift.” I couldn’t believe how amazing it was that the typically packed freeway was nearly empty at 3 in the afternoon on a weekday.

As I happily drove along the lack of traffic when I thought how lucky I am to live where I live, be on my way to pick up the little girl who lives with us and be in love with such a wonderful person as my significant other. Just then, a song came on my Sirius satellite radio station that is a song I dedicated to my now deceased father in a video montage of him some ten or more years ago.

I thought about how my guardian angel(s) were with me, making it easier for me to get to my little one, and also letting me know by playing a song, that they were by my side, close by.  I’m sure some people would be cynical of this and brush it off as a nice coincidence.  I, however, like to think it’s my guardian angels.

City Life, Country Life

What a surreal morning it has been!


Ive been in Colorado 2 days to spend some time with my father whose health has been declining steadily the past couple years.  We’ve also spent some time with my mother & brother.

Today my mother, my toddler & I are driving up to Aspen to visit my sister for the day. I have seen so very many beautiful sights that were so refreshing to my eyes.

Being accustomed to the city sights of Los Angeles, it was slightly funny for me to look out the car window on this gorgeous Colorado drive and see, to the right, a tractor pulling a huge rolled bail of green hay, the Colorado river in the background and to the left, a train pulling cars & cars of coal.


As we crept closer to Aspen, we drove through another small town, Glenwood Springs, which was gearing up for their annual “Strawberry Days” festival, which occurs the first day of summer.



City life and country life are very, very different!  It’s all so crazy to me!

More from Asssspen later!

Religion & coffee!


Headed to Aspen this morning to visit my sister, before getting on the road, we stopped to get coffee at a little place I noticed the day before. I was enticed by their small marquee that said,  “come in & try our iced coconut mocha.” We did just that.  We did not notice until we saw this sign in the parking lot that we could get some religion there too.

I’m going to get off my phone now to enjoy the incredible scenery on this drive. I’ll post photos of the brilliance later!

Hope you all have a great Saturday!

Green Is Good!

How great is this that this city in Colorado not only has recycling bins next to their trash cans, but also that people use them!  Go Green!

MySurreaLife go green

In the Days Before Eva Knew Tony

Once upon a time I lived in Paris.  It was a short lived, 9 month chunk of time I called Paris home, but I lived there as a Parisian, driving past the Eiffel Tour typically at least once a day, taking my Rhodesian Ridgeback dog on walks in the Bois de Bologne and shopping along the Champs-Elysees.  I loved the 24 hour Sephora, the incredibly strong coffees and the mounds of food everywhere.

This was also a time my ex-husband played basketball for a team in Paris called, PSG, which stands for Paris Saint Germaine.  PSG is also the name of the football (soccer) team in Paris, the hugely popular soccer team of Paris.  Those Parisians weren’t very big fans of basketball or anything other than their beloved soccer.  They seemed to enjoy tennis matches which took place quite often not far from where we lived.

My ex and another fairly unknown basketball player named Tony Parker, didn’t play much because of their young ages.  Their coach felt the older players were better, while the younger ones were second team.  On the contrary, every time my ex and Tony would play, they would score and score and score and block shots and do almost everything to help their team.

One night, my ex and Tony and I were talking about how nonsense it was that they didn’t get to play much simply because of their age.  At that time, Tony spoke broken English, with a very thick Parisian accent.  I’ll never forget Tony saying, “f this shit man. I’m going to make it in the NBA.” I was like, “yeah! Do it!” while thinking to myself, “yeah right. Good luck with that.”

Good luck tonight Tony!!!


Love On Top – MySurreal Experience Being a Part of Beyonce’s Entourage for A Day

Watching Beyoncé’s “Life is but a dream” on HBO, well, on my DVR, it was crazy to see her talking about being pregnant & not knowing how she was going to announce it.  I was assigned to be with her & her entourage that day she showed whoever was watching at the MTV Video Music Awards that she was pregnant.  It was crazy watching it all over again.  I was with them all that day as their talent escort. I escorted them to walk the red carpet, but waited at the end, until they finished.  I had no idea Beyonce had shown her belly to the press.

After her red carpet photos were taken, we hurried back into the building. Once inside, Bey stopped to hug Snooki & some other members of the Jersey Shore. Although she probably could get away with it more than anyone, she was the least diva acting person I have ever encountered & I have been around some big names. She always smiled, always waved at people as she walked by & as they said hello to her.  She did not act like a diva, not for one second as we went back down to the dressing room.

As I waited outside her dressing room for the stage manager to come escort her to stage for her performance, I saw JayZ go in and out of her dressing room.  Kanye West and I literally ran into each other in the hallway. He didn’t apologize.  Nor did I.  We had a nice little stare down and went our seperate ways.

The stage manager came to take them to the stage for her performance of “Love On Top,” she performed and came directly back down to her dressing room.  I didn’t see the performance so again, I had no idea she had announced her pregnancy.  I watched as JayZ stood outside Bey’s dressing room, looking down at his phone and trying to keep to himself.  A teenager and her mom came by to ask for a photo with him to which he obliged, but then escaped to another room to avoid more photo seeking fans.

Looking back on it, it was funny not realizing what was going on during the show, or seeing what the rest of the viewing audience saw.  For a few hours I stood near Lady Gaga’s dressing room while her people went in and out.  By the end of the day I thought it so weird I hadn’t seen her enter or exit once.  That’s because that was the award show that she performed and sat in the audience as the male alter ego Joe Calderone. Nicely played Gaga.  More celebrities should try that stunt sometime if they ever want to escape the paparazzi or crazed fans.  Then again, why would they want to do that?!  That’s why they worked so hard to become famous, to be noticed. Sigh.

It’s all I can do not to blush twelve shades of red when I see my little noggin on the screen in Beyonce’s documentary for 5 seconds. There I was!  In the background where I would prefer to stay. I like grocery shopping too much to have to be trying to escape paparazzi or photo seeking fans.

A Bathrobe, A Mood & A Brain Cloud

Yesterday was a long, wonderful, very LA sort of day. I took the toddler to the Farmers Market where she rode some rides & got her face painted.  Waiting in line for some tacos and tamales, we nearly got ran over by a swarm of paparazzi frantically running, cameras in hand, hoping to get a good shot of Gavin Rossdale.

We then had a nice nap and woke up to go meet my friend who came into town from New York. We rarely get to see each other & it was a much needed catch up session with him. He greeted this little lady of ours with a cheerleading set of pom poms and a bull horn, of which she loved. We ate lettuce wrapped burgers and chewed the fat for as long as we could. We continued our fat chewing fest on a walk down Sunset Blvd. We remarked at the oddly dressed couple crossing the street opposite us and we stopped to watch the four leggeds at a lovely little dog park I never realized was there in my nearly 10 years in LA. I remarked at how lovely the weather was and my friend remarked back how LA was like a scene out of a movie, how it feels like nothing was real. I laughed in agreement and mentioned how Tom Hanks’ character says that in “Joe vs the Volcano.”

Today has been a stark contrast to yesterday. It’s been one of those blah days. I have felt all day like I can’t wake up regardless what I do. I laid down hoping to get in a nap this afternoon but I couldn’t fall asleep. I feel like I have a brain cloud.

Oddly enough, when I checked my Facebook & Twitter feeds, seemed a lot of people are also having a kind of rough day.  Is Mercury in retrograde?  Is there a full moom tonight? Is it possible to think that’s how cloudy my brain is? So much so that I don’t even go online to research these questions?  Instead I simply ask them, and that is not like me.

I have to wonder if I somehow managed to injest some gluten. Exhaustion is one my main symptoms of having injested gluten. Being gluten intolerant is exhausting in itself. The constant ingredient reading, harassing of wait staff & restaurant chefs. And even with all of that preparation, somehow gluten manages to find its way into my being, messing with my every moment for two days after. So not-okay. Can I get disability for this? Maybe? Please?

Ta ta for now from La La Land, where nothing seems real, except, thankfully, the people under my roof.

Conversations with a Three Year Old

While driving home yesterday, I said, “I’m hungry.”

A quick and inquisitive, “again?!” response came from the awesome child in the back seat.

I guess I eat a lot?


Understanding the value of being able to hand her her own music player, and keeping my phone free for my use, I transfered a few child friendly songs she likes to my old iPod.  Old as in click wheel old.  Yes.  She can have an iPod, but only one from 2005.

Anywho, I filled that iPod with some songs and photos.  Getting into our car today, she asked to have it.  I turned it on, gave it to her and saw that a photo of her, me and my significant other came on the screen.

She hugged the iPod and said, “awwwww.  I love you.”  My heart melted of course.  I said to her, “do you love the three of us in that picture?!” She replied, “no!  I was talking to my iPod!”

The Guilt & The Blame Game

With Mother’s Day not long behind us and Father’s Day creeping upon us, I have been thinking a lot about parenting and children and everything that comes with along with it lately.

We park our cars in an open air parking garage.  There are often birds’ nests in the pipes. Earlier this week, I was unfortunate enough to look up and see that, hanging from one of the birds’ nests was the body of a small, dead baby bird.  It looked like it had jumped out of the nest, or perhaps had fallen out, and got stuck.  Regardless, it was heart breaking for me.  All I could think was, “could I have done something to help it?  Did I do something to contribute, unknowingly, to it’s demise?”

I am not a vegetarian.  In fact, I eat chicken, a long lost relative of this dead baby bird, all the time.  I know animals, bugs, people die all the time.  However, this little bird struck a chord with me for some reason, so much so that I can’t get it out of my head, especially because it’s little body is still hanging there, upside down, lifeless and skeletal, at once creeping me out and breaking my heart, everytime I leave my car or get back in it.  I would have probably let the circumstances of where we park our car, and my unfortunate notice of the bird, go by the way side, had it not been for the site of yet another dead baby bird at work today.

I just had to write about these little guys and try to get some closure.  How did these dead little animals come to this state of being?!?!?!  Their parents sat on them long enough as eggs to bring them to life.  Had their parents died, lost their way, found another nest to call home?  How did these little birds come to have no parent to care for it, so much so that it died?!

Obvsiouly I am drawn to young lives who need assistance.  My curious thoughts about this little bird are, I’m sure, drawn out due to my tremendous love for the toddler we are caring for in our home.  She also had parents who created her and brought her into the world, into their nest, but somehow, they lost their way as parents; they lost their way from the life they created.  I wonder about parents who cannot care for their children.  I wonder about their lives before they became parents and what they went through to make it so that they created life and could not create a life to care for themselves or anyone else.

Having this toddler around also makes me think of my childhood and my life before I decided to care for another.  Having this young life around makes me think about my childhood, what made me who I am today, and it makes me wonder about her life, who she become and what I need to do to try to help make her become the best person she can become.  Having her around makes me so thankful for the people I share my life with.  This little lady makes me so thankful for my incredible significant other who took so much time out of his life to go to training and get certified to have a child with me, even if she isn’t of our blood. Not that I wasn’t before, but my life as it is now makes me so much more appreciative for our friends and family who have taught us so much about life and have helped us become who we are today, parenting this young new life.

I’ve recently come to realize that no matter what I am going through, I must be patient and kind to her, and to those around me so she can mimic polite, caring behavoir.  I know I have to have her back regardless what may happen. My significant other and I do this for each other, and we know we must do this for others if we want that in return.

Everything about my life is now magnified.  I know that every behavoir of mine will be carefully studied, knowingly or not, by her little mind, now and when she looks back on it when she is older.  Perhaps knowing this is why my thinking about those poor little baby birds is also so magnified?

Although I doubt I’ll ever get over the sadness I feel for those little baby birds, and the sadness I feel for all children who have had to experience loss, it feels good to put these of mine thoughts out there.

Thanks for reading!