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Today, I grapple with what Memorial Day Weekend is really about.  When I look around at displays at grocery stores, all I see are BBQ supplies and junk food.  Of all the things corporate America can think to sell, they can’t also think to sell more than American Flags to celebrate all that our armed service people have done?

Then I think about the fact that it is a voluntary army and I try to comprehend what exactly are our soldiers really fighting for when they go to war?  Rights to oil, occupation of lands, power over others.  And we’re all supposed to support this, financially and otherwise?  Our taxes pay for soldiers’ transportation, food, shelter, etc. and all to go kill potentially innocent people?

They are taking orders from our government under the guise of keeping us all safe.

Fortunately I love a good BBQ.

The Thing About My Life…

The thing about my life is that it’s just so incredibly, wonderfully, oddly random. Pause pause. NOT.  It seems serendipity is in my every waking movement and all the other moments that my lifestory is built.

One of my best friends, a woman who might as well be my older sister, lives in South Africa.  She has not always lived in South Africa.  She was, in fact, the nanny to my little brother when I was a teen. Seeing me struggle with depression and an eating disorder in my teen years, she taught me how to like myself and how to enjoy life.  She truly is my rock, and my guiding light in so many areas of my life.

The other day, she sent an email from waaay down there in South Africa.  Attached was a video.  The subject line of the email was, “Cuttin it up with your boy Snoop.” I thought to myself, “Snoop?  As in Snoop Dog?”  Sure enough, the video was of she and he dancing together backstage, after she introduced Snoop to some of the Mandela family.

Click the photo to see the short video footage of one of my best friends cuttin the rug with Snoop Dee-oh-gee.

Snoop and Andrea

She’s connected like that.  That’s another reason I love her so much.  She introduced me to the behind the scenes world of entertainment.  When I was still a young buck, she and I were, for some reason in New York City together.  I went out to the clubs with this lovely lady and we met up with one of her friends who was a bodyguard for an insanely popular boy band at that time.   He was there with one of the members of the group and he was so nice to both of us and so happy to see her.  It was my first taste of “being in” and I was hooked.  I loved knowing this big friend of hers and seeing that he was so nice to us, and not pretentious like I’d for some reason imagined everyone in entertainment to be.

All this to say, it is so random that my surrogate older sister was dancing with Snoop not one month after I was hanging out on stage with two of my gals, not 10 feet from Snoop, at Tao in Las Vegas.  One of my friends is friends with one of his entourage and my friend wanted to see her friend since we happened to be in the same club that night.  That was the weekend my friend and I were in Las Vegas working the Academy of Country Music Awards. The friend of my friend (this is getting convoluted, I know.  I’m sorry) is seen in the video briefly.  It constantly amazes me how small the world is.

Motherhood, One Month In

My significant other and I have been a full time parent to a toddler for nearly one month now.  I am incredibly thankful for this little person who has been introduced into our lives.  I am also exhausted.  Over the years, I have come to realize that life must always have balance.  This toddler rocks; she has an awesome personality, is very funny and has learned to listen, very well, to what we ask of her.  This balance in our lives now comes in how amazing this little person is vs how tired I am.  She is potty trained, which is AWESOME, but if she gets up in the middle of the night she, for some reason, must let me know she has to go to the bathroom, even though she can do it on her own.  So, my sleep has been broken up every night for the past month, but I am amazed at how little it bothers me…and I am one of those people who LOVES my sleep.

I am also amazed at how different my thoughts are now.  My mind used to be consumed with thoughts of things like making plans to go to as many shows at the Hollywood Bowl as possible, going to go to dinners with friends multiple times a week, making sure our home looked like a model home at all times.  Now, it seems like I haven’t thought of any of these things.  I reminisce about how little clutter our home used to have compared to the toys and books that are scattered about now.  I’ve had thoughts about going to a concert, or to dinners with a friend, but then I think about how my being gone would affect this little life that has already gone through so much.  I remind myself that concerts will always happen, and restaurants will always be there for meals with friends, but this time in our lives, being consistent with her, is about right here and now.  I would not change our lives now for anything.

I love when she asks me questions about the whys and hows of life.  I love seeing her little mind work, and how she says, “look at the mountain” when she’s pointing to a fountain.  I keep reminding her that it’s “fountain, with an ‘F’,” but secretly I wish she does this for a little while longer because it’s just so dang cute.  She is so mature and so good for her age that I sometimes forget how young she is.  The “mountain” comments remind me that she’s still learning so very much.

I love being reminded of how much we learn as we grow.  Every time she gets dressed, I say, “left arm, right arm” for the corresponding arm when we’re putting on her shirts. I love thinking she’s “getting it,” when she happens to put out the correct arm or leg out when I say “right” or “left,” even though I’m pretty sure it’s just that she had a 50/50 chance of her getting it right & she did.

It’s very weird to me when I ask her about what she has & has not experienced already.  The other day, the three of us went to eat at a restaurant that was on the beach. Before we got there I asked her if she had ever been to the beach. She said yes but judging by the expression on her face & the twinkle in her eyes when she saw the waves crashing, I’m pretty sure we got to experience her first ever encounter seeing the ocean.

Many times throughout the day I look at my significant other and I look at  her and am in awe, thanking my lucky stars for such incredible gifts.