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I’m in Vegas, but About To Be A Parent!!!

After many months of training classes and certification protocols to become foster/adopt parents, we recently received news that two children, a set of siblings, will be placed with us in the next couple weeks.  There are so many emotions going on in my head and heart right now, it’s overwhelming.

We got the call about these two siblings a day before I had to leave for Las Vegas to go work the Academy of Country Music Awards.  So much to be done, so little time to do it!  With the help of friends and family, it seems as though everything is coming together so we will be as prepared as we can be for these two little angels who will be coming into our world forever so very soon.

As I was counting down these last few days until I was to go to Las Vegas, going over my media from last year, I found this incredible video I want to share with as many people as possible.  I think it expresses everything I am going through right now.  The video features a father or grandfather (?) with his daughter / granddaughter (?) having a wonderful time at the live Fan Jam show I worked last year at the ACM awards.  The man and the little lady are dancing like no one’s watching and having the most amazing time.  I loved seeing this man being so confident in himself to dance and dance and all the while, teaching the little lady with him to do the same, to get up and enjoy the music and the motion of dancing and to feel rhythm and go with it.

Click the photo to be linked to the video footage of these two dancing up a storm.

MySurreaLife Being Blessed with a Scene Like This


I cannot wait to teach such happy steps to my soon-to-be little ones.  May we all live with such joy for the moment as these two dancing it up last year.